Monday, June 28, 2010

New Photos Updated on Flickr!

Check out our two photo new Sets on flickr:

The Ashley House

Mountain Scenes

Beautiful Imagery you'll view over and over again!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Attention to detail: Campbell Construction woodwork and rockwork

Last weekend, as posted below, was Doug and Anne's wedding in Georgia. Before the family met in Atlanta, however, a few of the Florida based clan traveled to NC for a brief vacation. As part of that trip, they stopped by a job site to see the company work, a regular occurrence on every trip. Below you will find some of the custom work done by Campbell Construction courtesy of that trip and the resulting pictures taken by our extended family.

This tile is specifically used to create the illusion that the homeowner is surrounded by the mountain foliage, specifically tree bark. Pretty amazing design.

Beautiful hand hewn antique hardwood floors.

Beautifully handcrafted twig and branch handrails are a highly sought after specialty.

Granite Countertops, copper vents, special order tile backdrops and antique hardwood features make this warm and inviting kitchen the ultimate mountain meeting place.

Our circle of quality craftsmen includes the best rock masons in the business.

wrought iron door handcrafted and custom order.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Western NC Fauna: the Luna Moth

The mountains of Western North Carolina are known for their rich culture, their majestic views, their fresh air, and their beautiful landscape. However, when it comes right down to it, the most inspirational aspects of the mountains lie in the details; the individual components that make up the grander whole.

The image to your left is of a rare luna moth, an ethereal creature that shows itself to only the very lucky, or the very observant. One of our customers was kind enough to take a photo of this fragile creature and send it to us after his recent trip to his mountain home.

Luna Moths are members of the Saturniidae family, also known as the "Giant Silkworm Moths." They are relatively large, with a wingspan of four and a half inches.

They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer. The female Luna Moth lays eggs on the bottom of Black Walnut leaves. She lays about 200 eggs in small groups. Once the eggs are laid, it takes about 10 days for them to hatch. Caterpillars begin eating as soon as they leave the egg.

The Pupae eat leaves from many different trees and shrubs, including: Sweetgum, American Beech, Red Maple, hickories, White Oak, Black Cherry, willows, American Chestnut, and Smooth Sumac.

The caterpillars will continue to eat and grow, molting their skins as they grow. They will do this five times over a period of three to four weeks.

When the caterpillar is fully grown, it will be 2 1/2 inches long and ready to become a pupa. It will spin silk from near its mouth and wrap itself in a leaf. The caterpillar will usually stay in this cocoon for two to three weeks. If it is near winter, the caterpillar will wait until Spring to hatch

When the adult Luna Moth leaves its cocoon, it is not ready to fly. Its wings are short and stumpy and the insect needs to rest. It usually hatches in mid-morning and climbs a tree trunk to hang its wings, so they can fill with blood. Once the wings are inflated, the adult moth will wait until nightfall to fly off to find a mate.

Adult Luna Moths don't eat; in fact, they don't even have a mouth. They only live for about a week, and their only purpose is to mate. Only the good die young... or in this case the magnificent.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Fun in the Smokies: A day out with Thomas on the Great Smoky Mtn Railroad!!!

The Great Smoky Mountains are often viewed as a wonderful place for adults to relax, take in the scenery, and explore. However, the home of Campbell Construction is also home to many family oriented activities.

One of the favorite family spots is the Great Smoky Mountain Railway located in Bryson City. Adults and children alike get a rush out of scooting down the track in either an indoor or outdoor train car while admiring the lush green landscape. This July the fun gets even more tempting as a child's favorite character comes to the track...Thomas the Train. Join the GSMR and Thomas in a day of fun and experience the whole family will never forget, and remind yourself once again why Western NC is such a fabulous location to live!

Celebration Includes
  • 25 minute ride with a full size Thomas the Tank Engine™
  • Meeting Sir Topham Hatt
  • Storytelling, Live Music,
  • Build with Mega Bloks© and Much More!
Day Out With Thomas™ is a family event that offers aspiring engineers and their families the unique opportunity to take a ride with the classic storybook engine, Thomas the Tank Engine™ at regional heritage railroads across the country.

Since Thomas left the station 65 years ago, this Really Useful Engine and his Island of Sodor friends have chugged their way into the hearts of preschoolers and grownups worldwide.

Based on The Railway Series of classic stories authored by a father for his son, Thomas & Friends™ is a rite of passage that inspires the imagination while teaching positive life lessons of friendship, discovery and cooperation.

Through Day Out With Thomas™, parents, grandparents and siblings will join preschoolers on this journey. The experience will engineer miles of smiles for the whole family and introduce a new generation to railroading.

Discover Thomas the Tank Engine™!

Great Smoky Mountains RR
225 Everette St., Bryson City, NC
July 23-27 & July 29 - Aug. 1


Monday, June 21, 2010

Praise for Campbell Construction from "Haywood Builder's Supply"

We often receive letters of thanks and appreciation from our customers and we are so grateful for their kind words. However, it is not often that those in our field take the time to sit down and type out a letter of recognition for no cause other than to simply say thank you, and "great job!" Thank you to Haywood Builders Supply for recently doing just that...

June 3, 2010

Mr. Scott Campbell

145 Winners Circle

Clyde, NC 28721

Dear Scott:

Thanks for taking the time to show Larry and me around the Ashley jobsite. First, let me say I can see why you are proud of your team of craftsmen. From the foundation to the final paint finishes, the quality of your construction methods shows throughout. I can see that you do demand the best from your own crew, subcontractors, and suppliers. Your finishes are unique as well as the great design ideas you came up with to make the home open and fit the mountain landscape. I can honestly tell you that the craftsmanship all around your jobsite is second to none that I have ever been around. That does include O.L. Smathers and Don Crawford, who as you know, have always had the reputation for being some of the best builders in the area. The small things make such a big difference (vinyl tile in mech. room) and your attention to the details is everywhere.

I am glad and proud that you allowed Larry and our company to participate in the project. I sincerely hope we will be a part of your future projects, and I am 100% certain that you and your team are more than capable of building homes in the Balsam Preserve. The quality of your work would compete with any builder that I know. I am sure the Ashleys will be as impressed with their new home as I am.


Danny Wingate

For the original copy of this letter please click HERE


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Scott Wetmore!

As many of you may know Scott Campbell is an identical twin. What you may not know, however, is that he also has identical twin sisters, one of whom has a set of twin boys! I know, it's a lot to keep up with, right?

In our family we look at this onslaught of split embryos as a blessing, and lately that blessing has been amplified with the welcoming of new family members through marriage, the latest of which is my father's (Scott) twin sister's (Marilyn Wetmore), twin boy's (Doug) -- (shew!) marriage to the former Anne Elyse Almquist (now Anne Wetmore) of Atlanta, Georgia. As one of my father, Scott's favorite nephews the standard was set high and luckily seems to have been exceeded with this intelligent, gorgeous, and generous woman.

The Campbell family couldn't be happier for the couple and wishes them all the best in the decades to come!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Campbell Construction Homes Featured in National Publications

Smoky Mountain High
Having enjoyed vacationing at the Cataloochee Ranch in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina for many years, Marsha Madorsky welcomed the opportunity to purchase property there to build her own summer home.
Marsha was drawn to Appalachian-style log homes because she felt one would fit in with the ranch's historical structures. She admired the rough look of hand-hewn logs and the signature dovetail corners. Choosing a builder was easy, as she had visited several homes built by J. Scott Campbell Construction Company of Clyde, North Carolina, and admired the craftsmanship. Read the full article (PDF)
Read entire article

A Place To Unwind
For Floridian Randy Jones, the fourth time's the charm. Randy built his first log home nine years ago. Then he built three more. Finally, he's created his ideal vacation home, complete with an indoor waterfall.

After Randy built his first two log homes, he changed his tack. "Instead of extremely rustic, I decided to go with an upscale log home," Randy says. He noticed builder Scott Campbell's work in the community, and the two hit it off over their shared outlook of what log homes can be. "Most people think log homes have to be rustic, and they don't," Scott says. "You can take a rustic flavor and polish it up." Read the full article (PDF)

Landlord's Lair
Driving around the area and watching various construction projects under way, Brad came across Scott Campbell and his crew. Although they immediately hit it off personally, the professional relationship took longer. Quite a bit longer.

"For 2 1/2 years, we would look up and there would be Brad, walking through whatever project we happened to be on. He would carefully examine every facet of the job, being sure that we were doing a quality job on every phase," says Scott. "No one could say he rushed into this!"
Read the full article (PDF)

A Camp of Their Own
Roasting marshmallows to browned perfection over a crackling fire, frolicking in crisp blue lake waters, hiking through nature's pristine flora and forming friendship that last a lifetime - the carefree days of summer camp are the stuff of life. And nostalgia is enough to make anyone want to recreate that perfect simplicity into a year-round lifestyle.

"We spent a lot of time exploring the area and decided it was perfect for us," Gil remembers. "During our adventures, we admired several homes in the area and eventually learned they were all by the same builder. " So Gil and Marie tracked down the man behind the homes and found Scott Campbell of J. Scott Campbell Construction, who has a wealth of information about log construction. Read the full article (PDF)

Antique Hardwoods
Imagine how astonishingly beautiful it must have been, every year prior to 1950, to see the tree tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in summertime, completely covered by a snow-like canopy of white blossoms from the American chestnut tree.

The Culbreath's Waynesville home, built by Scott Campbell of Campbell Construction, is an extraordinary showcase of the effects achieved through extensive use of reclaimed lumber. It is amazingly warm and well-built, with a substantial feeling that belies its new construction.
Read the full article (PDF)

Smoky Mountain Retreat
For Denise and Scott Miller, vacationing in the mountains with their two sones provided a catalyst that led to a slower family pace and adventurous new roots. "We received a flyer in the mail about a few lots the Cataloochee Ranch was selling on the mountain above the sheep pasture," Denise says.

"Cataloochee is a very special spot," builder Scott Campbell says. "The Millers appreciate the true history and craftsmanship of this part of the Appalachian Mountains. Realistically, we tried to bring it to life in every way."
Read the full article (PDF)

Log Home Builders Featured in National Publications
Scott Campbell of Campbell Construction had a 5,700-square-foot home built in Cataloochee area featured in the Log Homes Illustrated 2009 Annual Buyer's Directory. This is not the first time he has been featured in a national publication.

"I want people to know the talent (for building the homes) comes from right here in Haywood County," Campbell said. "People (building in Haywood County) can get what they need right here from the talent we have right here."
Read the full article (PDF)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Folkmoot's Comes to Town in July!

Folkmoot USA, North Carolina's Official International Festival, is a two-week celebration of the world's cultural heritage through folk music and dance. Held each summer across the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Folkmoot features performances, a parade and workshops by up to 350 performers from ten to twelve countries.

Performers demonstrate cultural heritage through colorful, authentic and original reproduction costumes, lively dance and traditional music. During its 26-year history, over 200 folk groups from more than 100 countries have shared their heritage and culture at Folkmoot USA.

Countries invited to perform in the 2010 Festival include: Russia, Latvia, UK (Irish step dancers), France, Switzerland, Peru, Jordan, Portugal and Poland.* The Folkmoot Festival features public performances at venues throughout Western North Carolina in the towns of Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, Maggie Valley, Canton, Clyde, Highlands, Bryson City, Cullowhee, Asheville, Columbus, Burnsville, Marion, Mars Hill, Flat Rock, Stecoah and Franklin.

Other events held during the Festival include: Parade of Nations on July 23 and Folkmoot 5K Run/Walk and Kid's Fun Run on July 31. International Festival Day is also July 31--for information and vendor applications call Haywood County Arts Council, 828-452-9494 or see their website: All take place in Waynesville, NC.


A Blue Ridge Birthday

Join us this summer in celebrating the 75th birthday of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

There are plenty of good reasons why the Blue Ridge Parkway has been dubbed "America's Favorite Drive," and all the evidence needed to understand the lure of this national landmark for more than seven decades is revealed with a cruise on any portion of its 46-mile stretch through Haywood County, North Carolina.

At elevations greater than anywhere else on the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, which spans the Appalachian Mountains from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and is gearing up to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2010, the Haywood County span offers motorists breathtaking views of seemingly endless mountain ridges and picturesque valleys.

"It's almost impossible to put into words the beauty of the views from the Blue Ridge Parkway," said Lynn Collins, executive director of the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority. "Just when you say, 'That's the most amazing panorama I've ever seen,' you drive to the next overlook, and then the next after that, to discover even more stunning vistas," Collins said. "Luckily, there's no limit on how many times you can utter oohs and aahs."

The 20 overlooks that dot the Haywood County section of the Blue Ridge Parkway include Richland-Balsam Gap at milepost 431 (the highest point on the entire Parkway at 6,053 feet) and one of best views in the county of Cold Mountain at milepost 412 (made famous by Charles Frazier's award-winning, best-selling historical novel of the same name and its film adaptation starring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger). ... Click to Read More


Featured Home: June 2010

After years working in the insurance game in Bermuda the Ashley's decided to make the switch from the salty ocean air, to the cozy comforts of a Custom log home in the serene Blue Ridge Mountain landscape.

Building this home was a dream for them, but with the homeowner's attention to detail meshed with Scott Campbell's visionary style it became a work of art. Check out just some of the rich woodwork and the lush and extravagant, yet still welcoming and open scenes from this home.

View More Pictures Here: Ashley House 2010